Hundreds of items dating back to the 1800s

20 Years of unparalleled experience and craftsmanship

Nothing is more invaluable than reclaimed pieces and salvaged antiques. Each piece tells a story, and Triton restores their beauty for features that make your residential or commercial project something
to talk about.

Our Reclaimed Items


Reclaimed Mantels

Our collection of hundreds of reclaimed mantels include many made of Antique Heart Pine, salvaged from homes dating from 1800 to 1910. Sizes and styles vary greatly from the most simple to extravagantly ornate. Let us know what you need for your restoration project.

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Antique Paneling

Accent your home or office wall with unique paneling.

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Antique Reclaimed Bricks

We offer reclaimed bricks from our demolition sites that range in date from 1840 to 1888. As such, brick colors vary based on the demolition site location. Customers have used our reclaimed bricks to build fireplaces, arched entryways, walkways, patios and more. These unique bricks, all handmade, add character to any project. On occasion, the bricks have been found to contain dog prints, cat prints, dates, initials and fingerprints.

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Reclaimed Doors

With nearly 1,000 reclaimed doors in stock, we offer one of the widest selections we know of and one that will surely meet the needs of your project. The doors, dating from the late 1700s to the early 1900s, include: full entry casings with double doors, 2 panel doors, 3 panel doors, 4 panel doors, 5 panel doors, 6 panel doors, 7 panel doors, barn doors and batten doors — many with hardware still attach.

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  • 4 Panel
  • 5 Panel
  • 6 Panel
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Hand Hewn Beams

Reclaimed Beams, Joist or Post are available in various sizes ranging from 4” x 8” x 16’ to 12” x 15” x 24.’ The majority of our reclaimed beams are Antique Heart Pine, some of which are available painted or unpainted.

We also offer Reclaimed Chestnut, Reclaimed Oak and Reclaimed Cypress beams. Reclaimed beams hand hewn or rough sawn, with beams to your specifications.

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Antique Flooring

We offer reclaimed flooring newly sawn from beams or original walked upon flooring. The reclaimed flooring options include Antique Heart Pine, Antique Factory Maple, Antique Chestnut, Antique Red Oak, Antique White Oak, Reclaimed Walnut, Reclaimed Barn Wood and Reclaimed Cypress. Our resawn material can be provided up to 12” wide in some cases depending upon beam sizes. The elusive “Old Original” Antique Heart Pine flooring will vary based upon the structure from which it was removed, with widths range from 6” to 9.”

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Salvaged Antiques

We have quite the assortment of salved items from houses dating back to the 1700s. Chests, carts, antique wheel barrows, wagon wheels, tables, windows, railroad ties, bathtubs, mantels, doors... there are too many to list! If you are looking for anything in this category, please give us a call!

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